Our Basis of Faith

Community Christian Church, Basis of Faith – Issue 1, 21/1/96

As CCC we believe and proclaim the historic truths of the Christian faith including the following:

a) God and the human race

We believe the Lord our God is one:
- Father, Son and Holy Spirit, and that he fulfils his sovereign purposes in creation, revelation, redemption, the coming of his kingdom and judgement.

We believe that though God made us in his own likeness and image, conferring on us dignity and worth and enabling us to respond to himself; we are now members of a fallen race; we have sinned and come short of his glory and are under his judgement.

We believe that the Father has shown us his holy love in giving Jesus Christ, his only Son, for us, while through our sinfulness and guilt, we were subject to his wrath and condemnation; and has shown us his grace by putting sinners right with himself when they place their trust in his Son.

We believe in Jesus Christ as:
- Lord and truly God, full of grace and truth;
- as truly human, born of Mary when she was still a virgin, as sinless and a Servant, dying on the cross in our place, redeeming us from the grip, guilt and punishment of sin, bringing us peace and hope;
- as the only Mediator and Saviour, representing and reconciling us to God the Father;
- as rising from death with a glorious body, Victor over Satan and his forces, being taken up to be with his Father, one day returning personally in glory and judgement to establish his kingdom.

We believe in the Holy Spirit
- who convicts the world of guilt in regard to sin, righteousness and judgement;
- who makes the death of Christ effective to sinners, declaring that they must turn to Christ in repentance, and directing their trust towards the Lord Jesus Christ;
- who through the new birth makes us share in the life of the risen Christ;
- who is the spirit of unity, and is present within all believers, illuminating their minds to grasp the truth of the scriptures, producing in them his fruit, granting to them his gifts, and empowering them for service in the world.

b) The scriptures

We believe that the Old and New Testament scriptures:
are God-breathed, since their writers spoke from God as they were moved by the Holy Spirit hence they are fully trustworthy in all they affirm; and are our sole authority for faith and life.

c) The church and its mission

We believe the church to be:
the body of believers in Christ, held together by and growing in him; a chosen people called out from the world, united to him and to each other in love, both a total fellowship throughout the world, and local congregations in which believers gather.

We believe that each believer has direct access to God and has been gifted by his Spirit to serve in the community.

We believe Christ has commissioned us:
to proclaim the Good News to all people, making them disciples, baptising them, and teaching them to obey him, and to warn all people of God’s judgement.

We believe Christ has commanded us:
to love our neighbours, to seek reconciliation for all with God and their fellows, to proclaim liberty from every kind of oppression; and to spread Christ’s justice in an unjust world

…. until he comes again.

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